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8K TV Revolution Launching News

Here’s Why Most Consumers Are Opting to Say ‘No’

Samsung and LG just recently unboxed the newest 8K TV with better and more advanced features. From 4K, the new generations of TV will soon be progressing to bigger and wider screen resolutions in the future – this new 8K TV might be the beginning of the sequence.

While the move looked and sounded so perfect for consumers who have full pockets, it has not been making a frenzy among average buyers who honestly do not feel the need to get a new TV or purchase a television with massive screens and better resolutions.

Recent reports say that while 4K televisions are barely getting its way to the top for a reason that 4K TVs are way too expensive, tech giants released 8K which obviously comes into view with a more expensive price tag.

According to CNBC, the apparent release of 8K TVs in the market may encounter major barriers, one is a high price tag and two is the lack of contents to watch.

Such barriers are speaking volume about the fact that not everybody will find the need to get a new TV, even more if they know it’s going to be very expensive yet it lacks the competence to allow users to enjoy more exciting contents to watch, which happens to be the main purpose of having a television at home.

Why 8K TVs Deserve a Try despite the Downsides

Setting aside all the downsides, this new 8K TV has not been released for nothing. A good number of its newest features and specifications can still make the jaws dropped, especially the fact that aside from the 8K TV resolution which makes all the watching clearer and better, 8K TVs have more genuine and brighter colours to brag.

For individual consumers who like to step up their game when it comes to binge-watching their favourite movies, TV shows, and TV series, the better option is always the latter. We get what we pay for, so if you’re imagining yourself eating a bowl of popcorn with your family while a giant screen in front is flashing the best resolution, you must be enjoying the worth of your money by then.

With the newest 8K TV revolutionizing the tech industry, more innovations creating more advanced products can be underway. It seems as though the tech industry is not just after innovating mobile phones, but also in the rolls of creating newer versions of several other products that people find useful.

Following the release, Samsung predicted 5 million televisions to be sold in the market which are way higher than last year’s sales of 1.9 million televisions, as per News.com.au. The news site further claimed that 8K TVs will flaunt larger screen sizes ranging between 65 inches to 85 inches. Moreover, 8K TVs with 8K resolution has the ability to flaunt a film-like quality of brightness and colours equating to 4,000 level of brightness, which means one can enjoy watching their favourite shows and movies the same way as they are watching it in theatres.

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