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Fungus Linked to Dandruff May Worsen Bowel Disease

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According to New York, March 6 (IANS), A fungus associated to dandruff in the hair may worsen intestinal disorder such as Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) in patients with specific genetic makeup, as the new research has found. Malassezia restricta yeasts [...]

People older than 50 years should be screened for Colon Cancer

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The incidence of colon cancer rise raise with age, so anybody above 50 years age should be screened for it, says oncologist. Colon cancer is cancer arising from the large intestine. The incidence of this disease in India is raising. [...]

Some Healthy Carbs Can Actually Help Cut Down Belly Fat!

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People generally result in a low-carb diet for losing weight. Well! In case you are eliminating carbs from your diet, then you should not. Let us tell you why. More often, Carbohydrates earns a bad reputation. Initially, there are many [...]

World’s Second Man Cleared of AIDS Virus Invigorates Quest For a Cure

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LONDON /CHICAGO (Reuters) – Scientific investigation into the world’s second man cleared of the AIDS virus is Zooming in on gene and a treatment side-effect, as newly-enthused researcher strives to find a treatment for the disease that has killed millions. [...]

Low Calories Diet May Improve Cell Performance

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Consuming low-calorie food may have a protective effect against some diseases as the performance of the cell is directly influenced by the number of calories that a person eats directly. Consequently, a low-calorie can protect your brain from neuron cell [...]

Nokia 9 PureView leaked image shows Penta-lens camera system

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The long-awaited Nokia 9 PureView may come with many added and new features that have never been seen before. The features may include wireless charging and in-display fingerprint scanner. Rumors have it that it will the USP of the phone [...]