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3 Ways to Boost your Instagram Likes

Instagram has a sovereign currency which is likes. You have to be strategic to boost your engagements on this social media platform. Getting more likes on Instagram raises the chances of moving your posts to the news feed. It is also a way of encouraging future posts instantly as Instagram tends to displays posts on news feeds from the interaction of previous individuals.

Having more likes on Instagram rakes other benefits such as increasing your traffic and gaining more followers. People tend to check out your entire account if they come across posts they like thus increases your Instagram followers count. Having an appropriate strategy can play a vital role in helping you boost your likes among other benefits.

Practical ways to help boost Instagram likes

Appropriate Images

Images are the core thing on Instagram. It is therefore essential to start with ensuring your pictures are necessary and worthwhile. It is a way of motivating people to like your posts and go to check out your entire account. People who like your posts based on the images and other vital aspects tend to follow you thus increasing your followers. You can achieve this by:

  • Checking on your previous posts and analyzing the post that previously had a lot of likes and posting similar images.
  • Visiting instafollowfast.com to check out on tips of getting multitude followers on Instagram instantly if your account is new.
  • Posting photos or designed mages that are catchy and appropriate.

It is essential o add filters on your images. The designed images are slightly different thus the need to add some overlay text which includes relevant, entertaining stuff or catch quote that can garner more likes.  Making use of the compelling content is leeway to having a win on this platform.

Hashtags, Call to Action and Captions

If your main agenda on Instagram is to get more likes, then you have to ask people to like your posts. There is a tendency of posts getting more likes when you call people out and ask them t like it. Also, adding captions or placing messages as an overlay text on your images compels people to like your posts. Research shows that using relevant hashtags helps in getting your images to a broader audience thus more likes.  However, you should be cautious not to overuse the hash tags as the posts will look kind of spamy.

Liking other people’s posts

Liking other people’s posts plays a vital role in boosting your Instagram likes. Going through Instagram feeds as well as trending hashtags that are relevant should be a norm. Research shows that out of 50 likes you give people, there is a chance of getting back 12 likes and three follows. It is an important strategy that will see you gain followers and likes within a given period.

Getting Instagram likes can be as easy as ABC and doesn’t have to be stressful. Following the tips mentioned above will give you an easy way of winning on the platform.

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