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 Bali Malas Review | Offers the Finest Mala Beads Online

Bali Malas is a western Company offering sacred rudraksha seed malas/jewelry. Since it was founded in 2007 the company has taken pride in the materials that they use. Moreover, they only use the finest, untamable, highest vibration, not dyed, and fully blessed rudraksham seed.

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Being the first Company to introduce the sacred rudraksha, Bali Malas has had high responsibilities to stay true to their mission. In addition, Bali Malas put their community first by donating a portion of their earning to Foundations. Consequently, they also offer Bali Malas discount code and coupon code to ensure that you get the best beads at an affordable price.

What Makes Bali Malas Special?

Additionally, Bali Malas has over 10 years of the business and it’s proud to stay true to their mission. More importantly, the Company is supporting its community by donating to BumiSehat and the Bali Street Children Foundation.

Last but not least, Bali Malas is believed in the materials they use, which are of the finest, highest vibration, and fully blessed rudraksham seeds. Furthermore, they offer Bali Malas coupon code and discount code that allow you to purchase their products at an affordable price.

Bali Malas Products

Celestial Collection

At Bali Malas, stocks Celestial collection that comprises of handcrafted, self-laminating beads, strung upon the sacred rudraksha Malas resulting in a powerful garland of sacred intention. Although Celestial Bead Malas corresponds with the sun signs they are designed with the intention for everyone with similar intention or attributes.

Chakra Collection

Bali Malas provides seven charkas, each of design being represented by the color of each chakra. This will help you to stay in touch with these all-important centers. In addition, the Chakra collections can be purchased at a discounted price by the use of the Bali Malas Coupon code and discount codes that are available on their website.

Karma collection

These are collectives of small acts of kindness and positivity that make a big difference. Comprises of new, sale, tanks, and t-shirt all designed of quality raw material.

Ambassador Collection

Bali Malas collaborates with Ambassador who are inspiring souls that offer a wide range of products that are of exceptional qualities.

Pros and cons of Bali Malas


  • Bali Malas provides a wide collection of beads that are crafted from the materials of the finest, highest vibration, and fully blessed rudraksham seeds.
  • The Company has over 10 years in the beads industries, therefore, it can be trusted to provide beads of the highest qualities.
  • All beads are available at affordable prices and they offer a Bali Malas Coupon codes and discount codes that make their products more affordable.
  • All beads product comes with a 30-day money- refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.


  • Bali Malas doesn’t take responsibility if your package is delayed, lost, or stolen through the postal system.

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Final Thought

At Bali Malas is the best place where everyone should enjoy the beauty of soulful adornments and that is infusing the routine with meaning. You are certain to get the daily desirable, the mundane magical, and all sacred essentials at the most affordable prices. You should not miss out on the Bali Malas discount codes and coupon codes that will give you much price discount on your products. Looking for the best and most fashionable outfits then check here Vodrich.

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