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High Consumption of Gluten During Pregnancy Increases Diabetes Risk in Children

Expecting moms will never have to say being pregnant is easy when it’s not. During pregnancy, mothers to be have to deal with limitations on everything they eat and drink which goes straight to their little human growing inside their tummy. For instance, it is believed that high consumption of gluten-rich products and food grubs can increase the risk of diabetes in children.

Recent reports say that proteins found in the food can cause a significant increase of diabetes risk in children during the time the mother is pregnant of her child. Diabetic patients have remained radically high in number and the study claiming about the possible diabetes risk among children is another battle the health orgs might have to deal with in the latter if such issue will not be addressed immediately.

According to IOL, “proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley by women during pregnancy” can lead to type 1 diabetes among children. The reports further added that kids of women who had an intake of 20 grams gluten daily had higher chances of developing type-1 diabetes passed on to their children in comparison to women who only had an intake of 7 grams per day.

The study which was led by Julie Antvorskov from Bartholin Institute in Denmark is a valid warning sign that must not be overlooked by all the soon-to-be mothers out there. Proper diet control and self-discipline are two of the best practices recommended to pregnant women, who may be more prone to more gluten intake and wrong diets due to hormonal cravings and the likes – making them frequently feel hungry and craving for food.

The claims were justified but it is not that easy to propose dietary recommendations on women during pregnancy, even more with the fact that there can be a ton of other contributors aside from the actual “high-gluten consumption.”

Going through the 9-month span of being pregnant is one exciting journey every woman will never forget. But, none of them will ever disagree to the fact that it is also one of the hardest and probably the most heedful phase of their life where they have to be extra cautious and careful with their diet and blood sugar control.

Monitoring the blood sugar levels during pregnancy is crucial and one of the most important reminders to keep in mind for pregnant women, especially those who are insanely in love with sweets. High blood sugar levels during pregnancy is not only unhealthy but it can also cause birth flaws, delivery problems, and birth defects.

The common problem most doctors encounter with their pregnant patients is that majority of the women who get pregnant do not know they are pregnant until two to four weeks, which increases the risk of probably getting into trouble in the latter.

Too much blood glucose during pregnancy also increases the risk of having macrosomia in babies. Macrosomia is a baby with an overly large body and posture which leads to more complications when during birth delivery. It’s important to keep control of your body all the time during pregnancy because every food y

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