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Introducing FocusMe

Jon Rumens founded FocusMe in 2010 with the aim of helping the world and impact positively on people’s lives in general.  FocusMe has a mission of using the science of pre-commitment t and habit format in the quest of fighting distractions. It is an excellent way of getting in control of your time and help you focus on making your dreams come through improved productivity.

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The founder, Jon Rumens, was struggling to meet deadlines for a critical project some few years back as he had started working from home. He also had the same struggle throughout his university life.  The best way to distract himself was by playing games or browsing. He was desperate to break away from the habit and improve his productivity levels and save his job as well.

It led him in looking for software that would help him. He was excited at the thought of finding a tool that could block his temptations but soon realized it was easy to disable and bypass. He, therefore, decided to create extension software that would not have a by-passing option. It worked perfectly on him, and he was able to block online distractions and focus more on his work.

With time, he wanted more features and thus built the extension into a standalone application. It was the birth of FocusMe. He shared it with the world and began receiving feedback as well as making sales. He was now focused on getting more resources to improve the product and continue impacting the lives of people by blocking their distractions. Save now with FocusMe Coupon Code on Ad blockers. Want to save more on vapes then check Air Vape Store Coupons.

Why FocusMe is the best

  • FocusMe is helpful in breaking you from distractions and unleashing your productivity.
  • FocusMe provides you with a free Android app and does not require any credit card.
  • FocusMe is a powerful app and a website blocker that is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • It helps in improving your productivity. Through focus me, you can develop a strict schedule that leads to handling more critical stuff. It also gives a 25% chance of more efficiency since multitasking is written off your schedules.
  • FocusMe helps in limiting the time spent on applications or websites daily r hourly enabling you to save over 2 hours per day.
  • The FocusMe app gives you freedom and flees you from social media addiction through the website blocker.
  • It also gives you a chance to quit and on various addictions such as porn, gambling, and games.
  • The app gives you an opportunity to block app and websites for whichever period you prefer, be it a week, a month or a year.
  • It is a great approach when to come to business as it helps in improving the employee’s productivity through enforcing company policies. It also helps in limiting the access to apps or website maximizing on the employee’s productivity in companies.
  • It is a good strategy when it comes to kids and the internet. It makes it possible for parent control the children’s activities on their computers. It also allows the kids to play games that you have only approved. To make much efficient, you have the control on time the kids spend on websites, online and desktop games.


FocusMe is a great strategy that can be used by anyone in fighting their distractions and improving their productivity levels.

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