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Polysleep Review | Online Mattress at an Unbeatable Price

Polysleep Review:

Polysleep acknowledges that sleeping is essential as any other task such as drinking or breathing thus is dedicated to providing high-quality sleeping products which enable the users to have a great sleep.  The company was launched with a need to provide affordable mattresses and cut out intermediaries and making quality products more accessible at a wide range.

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The company also ensures their clients enjoy shopping at discounted prices courtesy of polysleep discount code and poly sleep coupon. To top it all, they give a free pillow valued at $79 using poly sleep Promo code: SPRING when a person buys one mattress.

What makes Polysleep special?

  • The company offers high-quality mattresses and other sleep-related products which enables the users to wake up on the right foot after a good sleep. The provided mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.
  • The company offers free shipping and returns when need be for all their products regardless of the orders made. They ship the products free of charge to your doorstep using fast methods and no delays.
  • The company offers a 100 night’s trial when one purchases the mattresses. If one is not satisfied with them within the given period, they are free to make returns and get refunds without asking questions.
  • The Canadian company ensures that all their products are designed assembled and manufactured in Canada and creates employment to the locals as well as contributing positively to the economy of the country.

 Most popular Polysleep products

The Polysleep Mattress

The polysleep mattress is a well-balanced mattress that is designed with antimicrobial hybrid foam, and a support frame that makes it unique. It has a dimension if 39 X 75 X 10, weighs 41.0lbs and goes for 595 CAD. It has the following features:


  • Support Frame which makes unequaled support and brings out the uniqueness of the polysleep mattress.
  • Spill Proof which is the soft, liquid-proof cover wraps. It offers the mattress extra protection.
  • Ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam which makes the top layer and allows for circulation of air and keeping the users cool.
  • Antimicrobial top layer which contributes to a healthy sleep through inhibition of growth of bacteria.

The Polysleep Pillow


It goes for 79 CAD and is suitable for all types of sleepers. It comes with a 30 nights trial period.  It has premium foam adjustable layers which offer support and softness. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

The pros and cons of poly sleep

The company has a return and refund policy which ensures that their clients get the utmost satisfaction in their products. The company readily gives them exchanges or refunds without questioning. The company also provides discounted prices for new customers with polysleep discount code & poly sleep coupon.

The company only offers one type of mattress and do not have various other sizes.

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Polysleep ensures their customers get a good rest and sleep using high-quality mattress and pillow that are affordable and offered at discounted prices using the poly sleep discount code and poly sleep coupon. The elimination of intermediaries has enabled a lot of people to access high-quality products efficiently and at fair prices.

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