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China’s ‘Shared Bike’ Hellobike Now Turns Electric

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China’s streets are fast getting flooded with electric two-wheelers. And the latest to join the race is Hellobike. However, the company is not a new player in this market. It first started out in 2016 by launching shared bikes in [...]

US Trade Moves Left Businesses in ‘Shock’: Federal Reserve

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Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve has expressed concern over some of the recent hard-hitting trade moves initiated by President Donald Trump in relation to China. Powell said that its repercussions could be far-reaching, possibly affecting the overall economy [...]

Soldo Closes at $61M in Series B Funding; Total Reaches $82M

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Soldo is a fintech startup based out of London that provides a multi-user ‘spend management’ platform to various business organizations. As per today’s reports, the company has attained a record figure of $61 million in its Series B funding. The [...]

After Huge Success of Electric Scooter, Gogoro Launches GoShare


Electric scooters in Taiwan are a big hit and the credit all goes to their maker – Gogoro – a start-up established in 2011 with its headquarters in Taiwan. Since its inception, the company has made electric scooters in the [...]

Shine to Create Premium Bank Accounts for Freelancers

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In an effort to provide facilities to freelancers and similar start-ups like itself, the French company Shine is all set to make two important launches today. One is the creation of a premium bank account, namely Shine Premium, and the [...]

Prior to Launch, Podimo Raises €6 Million in Funds

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In the wake of ever-increasing demand for podcasts in the international market, yet another start-up has set foot in the industry. Podimo, based out of Copenhagen, is all set to launch soon and has even managed to raise a whopping [...]