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Shine to Create Premium Bank Accounts for Freelancers

In an effort to provide facilities to freelancers and similar start-ups like itself, the French company Shine is all set to make two important launches today. One is the creation of a premium bank account, namely Shine Premium, and the other is the promise of support to more start-ups through its Shine Start feature.

Shine Premium is essentially a premium bank account that would offer basic insurance coverage to freelancers. The move is Shine’s effort towards creating an alternative to conventional bank accounts for freelancers. 

The premium account would have additional features too along with the usual bank information and payments card as provided by traditional banks. The account users (freelancers) can actually register a ‘micro-company’ in their name, which would enable them to start taking up freelance jobs, build invoices, export tax transactions, and much more.

Responding about this move for freelancers, Shine is of the opinion that freelancing is an ‘under-served’ market. The app, it feels, would provide an ideal solution to their multiple needs, such as reminders to pay taxes.

Besides, the additional premium tier to the current basic account proposes to offer basic insurance coverage to the freelance community. This includes medical insurance (coverage of up to €100 per day) and equipment insurance such as the one for broken smartphone screen. In addition, premium users gain access to better support facilities and a comprehensive knowledge base as well.

The premium account is being looked at as an ideal choice for people working for food delivery companies such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats. As per several reports, delivery persons who are on the road all day on bikes to deliver food to different places in time are highly vulnerable to road accidents. 

Also, Shine intends to lend support to a number of people who aren’t freelancers yet by helping them start their own company. Shine, in this case, would offer complete assistance in the registration process – right from handling all the paperwork needed to get an ‘auto-entrepreneur’ certificate for you.

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