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Tim Tam Review | Wellness Company Focused on Modern Recovery.

Tim Tam was founded by Georges “Rush” St-Pierre and Kelly Starrett who are professionals in their respective fields. Georges is a Canadian professional mixed martial artist and UFC world champion while Kelly is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and a blogger.

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The company acknowledges that trainers, coaches, and elite athletes need massage therapy for speedy recovery.  Tim tam is committed to providing premium therapy products for professional athletes, trainers, therapists, and consumers. Tim Tam ensures their customers enjoy shopping their products by giving them tim tam coupon and tim tam discount code which offers discounted prices on the products.

What makes Tim Tam special?

Tim Tam

  • Tim Tam cares about the needs of the elite athletes, trainers, coaches, and other consumers and is committed to offering premium, products that are essential in enhancing speedy recovery.
  • The company has pending patent for the device and other attachments that will help in adding another layer of the fitness regime and unlocking holistic benefits associated with massage therapy.
  • Tim tam has a blog which gives valuable insights surrounding the industry as well as providing essential pieces which have enables a revolution of how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.
  • The newsletter which the members subscribe to by signing up with their emails enables them to receive exclusive Tim Tam discount and product announcements keeping them up to date with what is going on in the market.
  • The company also provides new Tim Tam coupons & Tim Tam discount for new customers.

 Most popular Tim Tam products

Tim Tam has products that call for professional pain and tension release.  The use of technology to bring about effective benefits of massage has bowed fruits with the users having a speedy recovery and other areas of recovery. The modern and powerful tools are categorized in various groups namely:

tim tam

  • Professional massagers products
  • Exercise and fitness products
  • accessories

These products are as follows:

  • TimTam Power Massager v1.5
  • TimTam Pulse Massager
  • Polish Pro
  • Polish Light
  • TimTam 12V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Vibrating Foam Roller – 4-Speed Rechargeable
  • spiked Massage Therapy Ball 6
  • Round Cold Tip
  • Recovery Blade Pulse Massager Replacement Butterfly Pads (5-pack)
  • Replacement Battery Charger
  • Cupping Therapy
  • set loss Bands
  • Hand Roller Massager
  • Polish Pro 100 pack replacement covers
  • Athletic Tape 6-pack
  • Athletic Tape Pre-Cut Strips
  • Cooling Therapy Gel
  • Gliding Therapy Gel
  • Gym Recovery Station
  • Heavy Duty Hoodie
  • Mobile Trainer Package
  • Performance T-Shirt
  • t Recovery Center Package
  • Therapy Gel 3-pack
  • Warming Therapy Gel
  • Women’s tank top
  • Women’s Yoga Leggings

The pros and cons of Tim Tam  

The company is dedicated to protecting customer’s data by having a data protection policy. They cannot give the customers data to any third party member without consulting the customers.

The company has an affiliate program that allows its members to earn an extra income in the form of commission for advertising and promoting the company and its products.

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TimTam is committed to ensuring they provide high-quality products at all times and discounted prices using the Tim tam coupon and Tim tam discount code.

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