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Soldo Closes at $61M in Series B Funding; Total Reaches $82M

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Soldo is a fintech startup based out of London that provides a multi-user ‘spend management’ platform to various business organizations. As per today’s reports, the company has attained a record figure of $61 million in its Series B funding. The [...]

After Huge Success of Electric Scooter, Gogoro Launches GoShare

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Electric scooters in Taiwan are a big hit and the credit all goes to their maker – Gogoro – a start-up established in 2011 with its headquarters in Taiwan. Since its inception, the company has made electric scooters in the [...]

Shine to Create Premium Bank Accounts for Freelancers

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In an effort to provide facilities to freelancers and similar start-ups like itself, the French company Shine is all set to make two important launches today. One is the creation of a premium bank account, namely Shine Premium, and the [...]

Prior to Launch, Podimo Raises €6 Million in Funds

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In the wake of ever-increasing demand for podcasts in the international market, yet another start-up has set foot in the industry. Podimo, based out of Copenhagen, is all set to launch soon and has even managed to raise a whopping [...]

US Business Resumes with Huawei Despite Trump Blanket Ban

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China perhaps has received some good news after a very long time. US President Trump announced at the recent G20 Economic Summit in Japan that US tech companies can resume business with Huawei, in spite of the earlier blanket ban [...]

EU-Vietnam Trade Deal Sealed; 99% Goods Tariff to Go

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Sunday witnessed a significant event in the world economic market with the signing of a trade deal between the European Union and Vietnam. The deal is a step forward by the former pledging support to Vietnam in the light of [...]