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GoodSync Review | Now Backup & Sync Your Files With Ease Using GoodSync

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  GoodSync is an easy and reliable file synchronization and backup solution which as released in 2006. It has had positive and a lot of reviews from the users as well as the press since it as launched.  It has an impeccable reputation especially from Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Morningstar, Baron’s, and Financial Times among others in the media industry.

Why GoodSync Is The Best

  • GoodSync allows their users to back up their files simply and securely easily and ensures that all the stored files are not lost.
  • The company offers GoodSync for free, and their users and clients can download it for free making it easier for them to use its good services.
  • GoodSync has held its mission of being world-class software that is designed to make computer use easier, more secure and faster for the individual’s users as well as a business all over the world.
  • The company has an affiliate marketing program that enables their members to earn extra income through advertising and promoting the company and its products. Any sales made via the unique affiliate links earn the members a commission
  • GoodSync has easier setup, and installation methods that are not complex and works well to ensure that everything is well stored and no files is lost at any point.
  • The company is dedicated to protecting customer’s data by having data protection policy. They cannot give the customers data to any third party member without consulting the customers.
  • GoodSync is widely accepted and used by many ahs gas gained positive reviews from individual users as well as the press over the time as it provides quality services and gives the best results.
  • The company also offer discounted prices for new customers with GoodSync discount code and GoodSync coupon.

Check Here For More Savings On Shopping:

  1. Download and install good sync on LINUX, Windows, MAC or NAS platforms which allows the users to access advanced GoodSync features for free on the first 30 days.
  2. Creating and naming the users first good sync job and selecting either one way or two-way backup synchronization method.
  3. Locating the source of the files that need backup and selecting their destination. The software supports the cloud services and all major protocols.
  4. Choosing an automating option where the user can automate the good sync jib with scheduled automation options, periodical or real-time which ensures no files are lost.

GoodSync Pricing Plans

  1. GoodSync Enterprise Workstation which goes for $49.95 and is required for GoodSync to operate on Windows/Mac desktops and laptops. It comes with One license per workstation. It Is  Licensed for:
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Mac OS 10.10 and higher
  1. GoodSync for Server OS which goes for $995 and runs on Windows and Linux service operating systems. It comes with one license per server.
  2. Good Sync Enterprise Annual Maintenance which goes for $298.90. It comes with 24/7 product tech support, free updates, and upgrades, annual maintenance of 20% of the original price as well as a license migration.


GoodSync is software that makes the works easier and helps in ensuring no files are lost through a powerful backup and offering the plans on discounted prices using the GoodSync discount code and GoodSync coupon.

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