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Beating 50 Percent Review | Having Better Than Average Marriages

Beating 50 percent was started by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. It is their marriage blog.  They provide their audience and customers with photos, videos, and writings which are an inspiration to the covenant marriage.  The duo aims at showing the audience that marriages are all about undivided devotion, completely commitment, persistent selfless, value-centered, joy-filled, and love-based.

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The duo has products that they sell to their customers in the quest of giving them more insights and significant information regarding marriage. They also give them offers and discounted prices using the beating 50 percent promo code and beating 50 percent discount code.

Why Beating 50 Percent Is The Best

  • Beating 50 percent is dedicated to taking people through the journey of covenant marriage and inspiring people to partake in. It provides insights and more great stuff through various writings, videos, and photos.
  • Beating 50 percent is an inspiration and all about building more than average marriage by giving the spouses more than 50%. It takes people through learning more, serving more, seeking more, playing more, providing more and loving more and always as illustrated by stories of couples around the world.
  • The company has an affiliate marketing program that enables their members to earn extra income through advertising and promoting the company and its products. Any sales made via the unique affiliate links earn the members a commission
  • The company gives beating 50 percent promo code and beating 50 percent discount code to their clients which enables them to get offers and discounts on their products.
  • The company has a return and refund policy which last for ten days. The company allows their customers to make returns of the products they find not satisfying to get a refund.
  • Beating 50 percent has a mission of inspiring covenant marriages to beat the average norm by encouraging the husbands and wives to revive their marriages, give more and fix whatever issues they have instead of throwing away.
  • Beating 50 percent gives hope to their listeners, viewer’s and readers and gives them a room to be more compelled into doing what is entailed in marriage. It is a platform that provides more insights on how to better the covenant marriage and keep it working while giving the best to the spouses.
  • The Company also provides Beating 50 percent promo code & Beating 50 percent discount code for customers.

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Beating 50 Percent Return & Refund Policy

Beating 50 percent ensures their customers are inspired, get great insights and are satisfied with the services and products provided.  The company gives the customers ten days since the purchase date to make returns of the products for them to get an exchange or a refund with Beating 50 percent promo code & Beating discount code. It is vital to understand that the company only accepts items that are unused and are in the same condition as when sent.  They also require a proof of purchase for the returns or exchanges t be processed.


Beating 50 percent is a blog and a company that inspires people to partake in the covenant marriage when giving more and serving more to fulfill their marriage. It gives their customers beating 50 percent promo code and beating 50 percent discount code which enables them to get offers and discounts on products.


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