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Microsoft Launches To-Do App for Mac Users

After having launched its very own to-do app, by the name To-Do, on other platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, and the web, Microsoft has now brought the app to Mac as well. The app was launched yesterday after Microsoft announced that it has made its To-Do App live on the Mac App Store.

The app has already been running on other platforms since 2017 after Microsoft decided to shut down its acquired company Wunderlist and create its own to-do app. Microsoft has built the To-Do Mac app by using 100% AppKit. The app already has a wide range of features in place, which Microsoft said would be available to Mac users immediately.

The core features of the To-Do app would enable users to create tasks and manage them, work offline, share task lists, and use tags.

Moreover, the app can also be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to import “Flagged” emails from the user’s account. The company is also working toward soon integrating the To-Do app with Microsoft Planner. So, users can easily view any items assigned to them and take them up accordingly.

Besides most of the other core features already available on other platforms, the Mac version of the app provides an additional array of keyboard shortcuts to its users. For instance, 2 can be used to minimize the app if you only want it to display the list view.

Similarly, 1 would again enable the user to view all their lists. In addition, the app also facilitates direct editing of tasks from the list view by clicking on a task’s text.

Following the launch yesterday, the To-Do app witnessed a large number of downloads almost immediately after it was declared live on Mac by Microsoft.

Microsoft had all the while been stating that it does not intend to shut down Wunderlist until it had “incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do.” The company’s recent statement on its plans for the acquired firm following the launch of this app still reflects the same intent more or less.

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