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Swellpro Review | Best Waterproof Drone Provider In The World

Before 2013, the founder of swellpro, Eric Hu had dedicated many years to research and development of waterproof cameras and hobby plane. In 2013, he came up with an idea of inventing waterproof drones after visiting the Carribean Island and witnessing a done crashing into the sea. When he returned to China, he started the FPV factory, the predecessor to swellpro.

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It was a group of RC aircraft experts and exploit waterproof drone. The team went through various obstacles, used different solutions and conquered countless obstacles in the quest to overcome all issues and apply for patents.  The company offers their customers swellpro discount code and swellpro coupon which enables them to enjoy discounted prices on swell pro products.

Why Swellpro is the best

  • Swellpro has created a robust product line, a strict QC system which has resulted in sales of more than 6000 waterproof drones across Europe, Asia, Oceania, and America.
  • The swellpro team listens to their customers, taken their feedback into account and improved their existing products as well as developing new ones.
  • Splash drones and marine drones have been helpful in producing thousands of photos and videos including thrilling moments during water-sports, beautiful coastal landscapes, and marine creatures among other water-related activities.
  • Up to date, swellpro’s waterproof gimbal remains a big success. As time went by, the swellpro team developed a new flight controller instead of buying a ready-made one. Such is helpful in making the drones adapt to working in tough conditions, useful in mass production as well as easy to use.
  • Swellpro is not only about film. Swellpro is also the pioneer and creator of drone fishing which advances all weather with capabilities of nature conservation and search rescue.
  • Swellpro ensures their customers get all the benefits that come with a swellpro discount code and swellpro coupon. It helps them save on cists as well as spicing up their shopping experience.

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Swellpro Products

Waterproof drones

  • Splash drone 3 Auto
  • Splash drone three fisherman
  • Splash drone two auto
  • Splash drone two fisherman
  • Marine drone


  • Drone power 45K- charging your drone on the go
  • S3 FPV goggles

Benefits of swellpro drones

  • The company has all-purpose drones and all weather proof drones that have an UltraHD 4K camera on board.
  • The drones that are designed to deliver a long line and drop baits as far as 1km or to lure specifically where you need.  They are built to work on and over water without compromising imaging quality or flight performance.
  • The drones are a versatile machine that posses a myriad of applications like marine research and exploration, on – aerial water photography, water rescue, fishing among other professional uses.
  • The drones are also dedicated for fishing purposes. It provides a comfortable, fun and anxiety-free experience as well as allowing you to get the most out of your fishing activity


Swellpro is a fantastic company that caters to the needs if the filming as well as the fishing industry through the provision of advanced and all-weather drones. The company supplies their customers with a swellpro discount code and swellpro coupon which gives them discounts and other offers on the products.

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