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Booty Belt Review | Shape and Tone Your Glutes‎

Introducing Booty Belt

Dominic Banks is the founder of Booty Belt. He is a renowned fitness guru and a women’s trainer. In 2006, Banks opened his training facility in Pearl District, Portland. Within a year, his gym had gained massive popularity and growth, and thus he decided to give the people even more. He was driving his market to a more of the women-oriented target audience.


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Banks trains women only. Women want to look good and can invest their time and money for the same, and that is why Banks is focused on making it happen. He believes the female physique is delicate compared to men thus he invests his time and philosophy sculpting around it. That is how Booty Belt was born. The name Booty belt s appealing and people want to know what it entails and if it gives desirable results.

Before the booty belt hit the market, the women in Banks gym tried it and said it works perfectly well. It goes well with different exercise giving a better experience to the users.  The booty belt deluxe package comes in three resistance levels namely the beginner, intermediate and the advanced level. It also comes with DVD work out routines that enable the users to learn about different workout routines.

Why booty belt is the best

  • Booty belt is one of the highly recognized and popular workout system in the world an utilized by a lot of people.
  • Booty belt has been featured on NBC’s “The Today Show,” and has also been recognized by celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Marie Claire, among others.
  • The booty belt has an adjustable Velcro belt that is made of commercial-grade, double-layered nylon.
  • The booty hands are explicitly made to fit the width of your hips or waist making it easier and suitable for you.
  • The booty belts have a color coating which shows their resistance levels.
  • The booty belts have neoprene pad in each foot straps which allows for comfort. It also means that the booty belt can be used while on athletic shoes or barefooted.
  • The booty belt can be worn on the top of the hips or natural waist. Having a tight belt makes the performance much better.
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The booty belt expensive system comes with the following:

  • An adjustable velcro belt
  • A pair of pink beginner booty bands
  • A pair of grey intermediate booty bands
  • A pair of black advanced booty bands
  • A neoprene logo mat
  • An instructional brochure
  • An instructional DVD
  • Lean & Tone Fitness Secrets” guide
  • A Booty Belt tote bag


Working out should be smooth and comfortable. The booty belt makes it easier for you and increases the chances of better results as well as better performance.  The booty belt package is convenient as it comes with a guide, an instructional DVD as well as an instructional brochure. All this is in the quest of making the work out more comfortable and gain better results.

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