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Unboxing New Features for iPhones and iPads with the latest iOS 12

Technology innovation in all forms without reservations is obviously winning among thousands and millions of tech and gadget hoarders of today. Without the need to disagree, Apple is one of the giants in the world’s industry of technology and its leading products iPhones and iPads have remained in continuous movement upwards when it comes to updates, upgrades, and newly added bunch of amazing Apple features.

Just recently, reports have claimed that new features have been added to iPhones and iPads with the latest iOS 12 system. It is not surprising to see more iOS updates coming and underway, but what makes the drill even more thrilling is the fact that more well-thought features are added – features that make lives easier, productive, and probably better than before.

It seems as though Apple is now filling the gaps of what seems to be lacking in most giant companies creating an array apps that turn out useless for most users. With the newest addition of features for iPhones and iPads, the seemingly complicated process is now apparently easier.

The new app lets owner to use the iPhone’s camera to “virtually take accurate readings” which means letting one get accurate measurements of the things they are taking a picture of by one tap on the screen, as per Gearbrain.

Furthermore, Apple has also added a ton of cool updates to their Photo apps. With the newly added updates from Apple, it lets the app user get the best recommendations when looking up for places, concerts, sport events, people, businesses, and even more categories added in the row.

The feature appears to be extremely useful especially for people who aren’t much familiar with directions. iPhone and iPad users can finally say “yes” to these newly added features on their gadgets once they opt to update the system to iOS 12.

This app also automatically searches for personalized-customized items like featured photos, blogs, movies, and the likes. The best thing about this app is it brings out the best photos for you to choose from. Plus, the Photos app and videos can be shared with people you know who are in your digital memories.

In addition to its special features, this lets you share the files easier and faster. As Gearbrain added, once the recipient finally accepts the shared images from your phone, they will get the option to share their own photos back with you.

For iPad user, Apple has recently added a fully-innovated News App that lets you “jump straight” to your most followed news websites and sources. Alongside the new feature, a new sidebar is added to make navigation of the websites much easier and faster.

Apple is one real giant that has truly remained consistent when it comes to innovating what they currently have, may it be products, services, upgrades on features, and more. If you’re not an Apple user, you may find the latest app features a little irrelevant but from the looks it, the whole pack is well-thought and incredibly favorable for a day-to-use.

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