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Freedom Review | Block Websites, Apps, and the Internet With Freedom Software

Freedom is a company that focuses on developing software that assists people to focus on essential things. Technology should be used to improve the lives of people and not automate living as it is the belief of the company. Handling tasks is not about quick o the amount of work you do, it is all about been better at what you do. Freedom focuses on doing what makes you happy.


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Why Freedom is the best

  • Freedom helps you to avoid distractions caused by your computer. The app and the website blocker is used by over 750,000 people who have a goal of retaining their focus and increasing their productivity levels.
  • Freedom helps you to focus on the crucial matters first. It is effectively enabled by prioritizing on essential stuff and blocking distractions and online attention from your windows, iOS and Mac devices.
  • The app allows you to select the sites you want to have access to and block the rest.
  • It provides you with reports and stats that help in tracking your progress.
  • The app has continued updates that are helpful in your focusing and productivity improvement journey. Save now with Freedom.to Coupon Code.

Important Freedom Features

  1. Block websites such as YouTube, Facebook, twitter, ESPN and any other site that takes a lot of your time. It is helpful as it assists you to focus more on vital matters.
  2. Block apps that you spend too much time on. The app might be either desktop or phone apps which range from addictive games to email clients.
  3. Blocking the internet where you can block the whole internet to boost year focus and work on important things first.
  4. Customize block lists where you can select a list of apps and websites or create an unlimited number of block list that suits your needs.
  5. Syncing blocks on all your devices. The app lets you block all distractions across all your devices ranging from Mac, Windows and iOS devices.
  6. Freedom has an advance scheduling feature where you can set blocks in advance. They will begin automatically at the scheduled time. You also have the option of creating recurring blocked that is helpful in maximizing your productivity levels. Looking to save more on Blocking software then use Freedom.to Coupon.
  7. Freedom also has a locked mode feature that is important in preventing ending blocks. It helps you to stay focused on the course as well as break the lousy addiction and distractive behaviors. Also check FoucsMe Coupon Code for better savings.


Freedom is software that is helpful in increasing your productivity levels through blocking sites and apps that are viewed as a distraction. Freedom enables you to focus on a single task and work on it effectively without any distractions since they are blocked. It is also an essential strategy of breaking the bad habits and incorporating yourself with good practices that enable you to remain focused. If you are willing to break away from distractions and be productive as well as build new habits, Freedom is the way to go.

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