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US Business Resumes with Huawei Despite Trump Blanket Ban

China perhaps has received some good news after a very long time. US President Trump announced at the recent G20 Economic Summit in Japan that US tech companies can resume business with Huawei, in spite of the earlier blanket ban imposed by him.

The move has been welcomed by US firms who now look forward to exporting their software and other technical components to the Chinese hardware manufacturer. Following the news on Monday morning, shares of companies like Qualcomm and Broadcom witnessed a prominent increase; however, had settled down by afternoon.

However, despite the Trump administration has toned down its earlier stand on the Huawei issue, it still remains undecided on a number of other things. For instance, under the amended rule, Huawei mobile phone users would be allowed to use Google’s Android operating system or that of Microsoft Windows on their computers. 

The US government may still be considering their options but a company official of Microsoft told CNBC that the company has made an ‘‘initial evaluation’’ of the Huawei situation and will ‘‘continue to offer Microsoft software updates to customers with Huawei devices.’’ He added, “We’re still providing Windows software updates to customers with Huawei laptops.”

Meanwhile, Google did not comment on the news and Huawei did not have ‘‘further details at this time.’’ Moreover, following Trump’s announcement at G20, the US made it clear on Sunday that Huawei will continue to feature on its list of banned companies. Trump had earlier imposed a blanket ban over certain Chinese firms disallowing them to conduct any business activities with their US counterparts. 

The government also stated that it may further restrict US firms’ licenses to sell products to Huawei in case the country deems any national security concerns in the future. However, US’ move to treat Huawei as an ‘economic bargaining chip’ under the garb of national security has been met with scepticism in several sectors of the society.

Eminent lawmakers Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic Sen. Mark Warner have even gone to the extent of warning the White House against mixing the two – country’s security concerns with its economic policy regarding Huawei.

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