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Robo 3D Review | Enjoy High-Quality Printers with Robo 3D Coupon Code

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Introducing Robo 3D

Robo 3D was started by two San Diego state university entrepreneurs, Coby, and Braydon in 2013.  They discovered the power of 3D printing while still in college. Coby was much more interested in getting a more natural solution to complete his engineering course developing a 3D printed prosthetic leg.  Braydon, on the other hand, was fascinated by technology and the impacts it has on everyday life ranging from students to business among other things.

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The two teamed up and started building their first 3D printer and named it R1. It was a high-quality printer that is easy to use and affordable thus accessible to almost anyone. Use Robo 3D Coupon Code  The R1 was launched on Kickstarter with a $49000 goal. The duo ended up raising $649000 and kicked off the 3D printer journey. The company has had tremendous growth with the addition of products such as:

  • 3D printing software
  • 3D printing app
  • 3D Printing materials
  • New machines
  • 3D printing kits
  • 3D printing curriculum

The company is happy to have served customers in over 4500 cities who come from across over 100 countries around the world. With a high success rate, Robo is taking the lead in the desktop segment of the 3D printing industry.

Why Robo 3D is the best

  1. The company offers affordable printers that are of high quality and affordable.
  2. Robo 3D gives discounts and offers to their clients using Robo 3D discount code enabling them to enjoy lowered prices.
  3. The printers come with the following features:
  • Compact in size
  • You can be able to print from the phone Has WI-FI connectivity
  • Has efficient print size
  • Fast printing speed
  • Total print smart control
  1. The company has a referral program that enables you to earn extra income by referring people to the site and making purchases.

Robo 3D products

The following are the 3D printers available at Robo 3D:

  1. Robo R2
  2. Robo C2
  • Robo R1+
  • MyStemKits R2 Bundle
  • MyStemKits C2 Bundle
  1. Refurbished Robo R2
  • Refurbished Robo C2
  • Refurbished Robo R1+

Robo 3D Referral Program

The company gives you the opportunity to earn extra income through the referral program. All you need to do is to invite your family, friends and social media followers through a referral link to make a purchase. You get a base commission of 5% of every purchase made. Also, you can earn up to $75 by promoting a Robo 2 3D printer purchase. Online shopping with valid payment validates the conversion rate.  The payments are made via PayPal once you receive the commission.

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Robo 3D is an integration of technology and creativity that has created quality and affordable 3D printers.  Using Robo 3D discount code, you can get discounts on your purchases. The company also has a referral program that allows you to earn extra income.

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