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Cole And Coddle Review | Boutique For Matching Family

Grab the chance to enjoy New Year sales 15% discount using the coddle discount code: CODE 2019 as well as other fantastic offers and cole and coddle discount & cole and coddle coupon a $10 gift card when you subscribe to the company’s newsletter. Cole and Coddle is a combination of the name of the son’s founder and the husband’s hobby. Their son is called Cole.

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The founders decided to do a registry of the baby stuff they found online and compiled them. They then shared the list with their family and friends to seek their opinion and found out the items were sharable. That is how the company was formed.Save more on shirts,baby onesies & more with cole and coddles discount code and cole and coddle coupon.The founders did basic research on marketing background and outreaching. They then created a curated site which allowed sharing of baby products with other people out there. The company is growing and consists of the family and two laptops. It is located in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Why Cole and Coddle Is The Best

  • Cole and Coddle is a company that provides infant and toddler products that comply with the US standard.
  • The company has done thorough research and realized that the consumer products safety commission must certify the baby clothing. It allows for accountability and authenticity of the products.
  • Cole and coddle provides certified products. They also ensure that their printing partners use materials that are certified by the board ranging from ink, materials used among other factors.
  • The company offers fantastic discounts and contributes to their clients using the cole and coddles discount code and cole and coddle coupon.
  • The company ensures there is accountability and transparency to the government and the customers when it comes to shipping the orders.
  • The orders are shipped immediately after placement and arrive on time making sure there are no hazardous chemicals that are in touch with the baby clothes.
  • The company educates the ass on how to determine unique and quality baby clothes. They also warn consumers about staying away from countries that import bay products that do not comply with the required standards.
  • It is easier to run the activities of the company and stay accountable as it is run by the founders alone. They have excellent customer services and information that allows them to have good relations with their clients.
  • The company also ensures that they provide discounted prices for new customers with cole and coddles discount code and cole and coddle coupon.

Want More Shopping? Then Check Here:

Cole and Coddle Products

  • Father and child matching sets
  • Mother and child matching sets
  • Aunties and uncles matching sets
  • Onesies and shirts for baby, toddlers, and adults


Infants and toddlers are delicate and need clothing that is up to standard to avoid issues associated with bad quality and non-certified products. It is vital to make sure you get baby products from companies that follow the regulations and have quality and standardized products. The company further provides their customers with fantastic offers and discounted prices on their orders using the cole and coddles discount code and cole and coddle coupon.

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